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Lightsuit V2.0 (part 2)

In a previous post, I provided an overview of the “next generation” of my Christmas Light Suit (and various ‘peripherals’ 🙂  Really…it’s more like “generation 5 or 6” since the Light Suit has been through very many iterations, starting with … Continue reading

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Using ADC with the ESP8266

The ESP8266 family of boards still amaze me with their size and cost-effectiveness, but I will confess; the dearth of official information for some of the more esoteric features can be annoying. For my remote garage-door sensor, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Remote ESP8266-based Garage Door sensor

I’ve got a bunch of z-wave light switches and plugs in my house and I use OpenHab as my centralized home automation system. I have a detached garage and neighbors have experienced occasional break-ins in similar garages where people stole tools and … Continue reading

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