Easy, Cheap Connector for ESP-01

One thing that’s been pretty annoying playing with the ESp-01 variant of the ESP8266 modules is the pinout form factor. The 2×4 pin configuration does not plug into a prototyping breadboard conveniently, and also doesn’t lend itself to connectors you might use in a more permanent solution very well – I was ganging two pieces of Arduino headers, using several female-ended jumper wire or gluing together multiple female ends to make a 2×8 connector…and that kind of thing.

While browsing parts at Fry’s, a really simple solution occurred to me. I got some plain old .1″ pin  spacing ribbon cable headers and a piece of ribbon cable. You could also use the prototyping ribbon cables that have male pins at the end for plugging into breadboards. (sorry for the blurry pics)



These work great, and cost mabe 50 cents each to make (max). Note they only had 20-pin connectors, so I only use the 8 on one side and they only had 9-conductor cable, so a got a length of that an peeled of one conductor 🙂


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