Can’t upload new LUA files once ESP8266 init.lua starts

I’ve been having this frustrating problem with my NodeMCU projects on the cheaper ESP8266 devices: Once you get into a loop in your code, or worse yet, if you have an error that causes a reboot loop, there’s no way to upload a new .lus file short of re-flashing – a major pain!

Well, I finally found a nice solution on Big Dan’s blog. Thanks to Big Dan, a simple code addition for startup of you app in init.lua gives you time to interrupt it using a simple “snippet” assigned to a button in NodeMCU.

Add some code like this to your init.lua:

function startup()
    if abort == true then
        print('startup aborted')
    print('in startup')

abort = false

Then edit the code behind a “snippet” button to execute “abort=true”. Then you just have to click that snippet button before 5 seconds expire at startup time to abort starting your code.  Many thanks, Big Dan!

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