Great Pumpkin Progress

Pumkin Body

My Great Pumpkin is coming along nicely…

I got 5mm EL Wire for the body ridges and they really look nice and thick now that they’re on the frame.  I started out taping them with transparent tape, but that really wasn’t working out and I quickly moved to hot-melt-gluing them. After that, it went on quite fast and looks good. Soon, I’ll black out the lengths that had to detour around the eyes and mouth.

Eye close-up.

Regarding the eyes and mouth, my original concept was to use something (I used thin sheet metal) that would provide the depth you get when you cut through a pumpkin wall. I plan on illuminating the inner surface using thinner, yellow EL wire, and plan on blacking out the exterior surface and covering over the back opening.  My vision (which may not come out as good as I was hoping for) was that you’d only see the eye and mouth “openings” as they were turned towards you, and that there would be the illusion of depth, just as would be the case with a real pumpkin. I think it could look really eerie if it comes out right.  I’m not sure I’m going to get the sort of general glow in the illuminated voids I was hoping for, though. Will have a better idea soon, as I complete the eyes and mouth and get a look at it in the dark.

Coming soon.. progress on this year’s Christmas Light Suit enhancements!

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2 Responses to Great Pumpkin Progress

  1. Chris Wright says:

    Hi I am thinking about making a pumkin mask for halloween like this, how did it turn out ? How much el wire did you end up using ?
    any help would be much appreciated


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