Halloween 2010

Well, we’re out of the aughts and it’s almost holiday season, 2010!

To celebrate, I’ve decided to go ahead and do a light-oriented costume (actually, two – Cherie wants one too now) for Halloween this year.  My friend Sean got me thinking about doing more with Electro-luminescent (EL) wire.  ALG groupies might recall I’ve had AustinLightGuy.com spelled out in it on my Christmas light suit in years past.

Tomato cages being broken down and re-assembled

So, I bought a hundred feet of 5mm, orange ELwire, a few feet of yellow, a couple of inverters to drive it all, and a bunch of tomato cages.  Here is the work-in-progress.

I guess it’s basically a kind of a “Great Pumkin” theme.  A huge, glowing pumkin.

Almost finished with the structure

The tomato cages are turning out to be just the right rigidity to support themselves and the EL wire, I think. Maybe a tad to heavy-gauge.. I plan on getting the smaller ones for Cherie’s.

One problem: it’s currently to wide to go through a standard, interior door.  I’m going to try to elongate the cage slightly and reduce the width, but I may be stuck with mostly outdoor activities. Hopefully, I’ll get invited to some (hint, hint).

ELwire and AustinLightCat II

Happy Halloween 2010!

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4 Responses to Halloween 2010

  1. Michael says:

    Yo dude! Can’t wait to see the lights.

  2. What I did for mine, actually all my cucurbit costumes, is to use a heavier gauge so that the longitudinal scrobiculate striata might be mesially articulated using double-spring-loaded strap hinges to oblate the shell for doorway and vehicular egress.

    I call mine jack-o-lantern because I used jack lights.

    Best regards,
    Obadiah Lantern

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